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Its March end meeting deadlines,staffing,executing plans,training new staff are some of the common things which were part of my job schedule.Hey !!! but not this time .Its been few years since I quit my job.

I had always thought myself as a very career oriented girl.Soon after my studies I joined College as Lect.followed by Principalship in three schools.I had reached the professional high.I remem a part of me telling people “Why is the retirement age stipulated”. But now this career oriented girl  had quit her well paid creative job.Life never works the way you wish.As you travel thru life you meet the path in life called “Crossroads”. But then tell me Is life fun without these crossroads?.

Few years back I met thru these crossroads in my life. I had conceived for my elder son.The Mother in me won very easily over the high professional career girl and soon I was busy nurturing my child and enjoying Motherhood.Every child brings out the woman in you, there is absolutely no training required.Mothers instincts are far beyond expressed words.But still, there was apart of me which was not willing to accept the word “Housewife”.Just sitting at home and managing house was not much appealing to a career oriented girl like me.

As I was ready to look out for a less demanding job for me, were work could be managed comfortably with my mothers instinct I met the second crossroad of my Life.I had conceived again this time for my second son .Again Mothers instinct could easily take over the professional girl in me and soon I was busy nurturing my second child.But this time the schedule was much more hectic.Motherhood is far more demanding than any other job in the world.My free time has suddenly vanished as I was busy fulfilling responsibilities of my children and husband. By this time the career girl in me knew that now she is mother of two children ,She now has to be an elusive friend , philosopher and guide to her children.The closest bond of every child is with his mother.All the bookish knowledge of child education and Psychology was now at the implementation stage for me.

Time is flying and my children are growing each day, my schedule has become less hectic.In the past two months I have discovered a whole new person in me.Now I don’t get upset when people say: what is use of your education?or why you left such a good job?the career girl in me had realized that these initial years in the life of your children is extremely important.Just being available for your child strengthens the bond between you both.Being a full time mother is the highest paid job and the payment is pure Love of your children.

Its morning again,.. but now there is no hurried frenzy in me …Yes I do Miss the thrill when I proved a point during meeting, the respect of my team mates,the fun and freaking out with my colleagues, the high during strategic discussions, the appreciation and satisfaction of using the competent ME.But I Love the slow and enjoyable pace with which the day moves ahead, the beautiful and secured smile on the face of my younger son when he gets up in morning and is happy to find his mumma around .The wonderful gud morning emails which i sent to my husband everyday.The taste of my morning tea sip by sip.The joyous bike ride which i get from my husband as we drop our elder son to school.

 My mind is now at peace .There no debate between the carrer girl and the Mother in me the see saw has finally ended.My Mind is rejuvenated and my body has become strong.I know that when I will pursue my career  the see saw  between parenting and career responsibilities may begin, but now I feel very happy when I see pride and smile on the face of my husband .He knows that I being at home our sons emotional needs are attended to fullest. His smile is my trophy.These years of my Life  made me realise that we woman live our lives for others and especially  for our children and that is why a famous quotation says” It is not until you become a mother that your judgment slowly turns to compassion and understanding”.

Pass this to all woman who passed thru this phase and to those whose mind is still in see saw battling everyday between parenting and career responsibilities .

That is why I always say to my husband everyday is Woman’s Day.

Please Note ; This Article was written by me when I was nurturing my kids .. Never give up on your Dreams , I utilized this time for my research work in education sector which is tremendously helping me today .



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  1. Very beautifully written. Dr. Nikkie you are amazing.

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