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It was Saturday afternoon. Standing near the window I was enjoying the sweet smelling breeze, the sound of the rain which came crackling down. The rhythmic beat of the raindrops as it dissolved in thirsty ground .As I closed my eyes to enjoy the  raindrops that touched my face with the balmy breeze, I felt like a cloud that floats on higher valleys and mountain. The experience was mesmerising !!!!!!!!.Suddenly my mobile phone buzzed it was a call from Radhika’s mother.

My thoughts flashed back to Radhika…A sweet  little girl  with black hairs down shoulders, deep set eyes ,sultry look, around 4 yrs  brought by her class teacher to my cabin. “Madam she is an extreme extroverted child”, said her class teacher to me.But I knew from my knowledge of child psychology that it was more than just extrovertedness.She was actually suffering from Attention seeking behaviour.Radhika was the only child of her parents. Her father was CEO of a multinational company and mother was senior executive in a private firm…Both the parents were very high professionals. Her father’s job role required extensive travelling hence it was more of a single parenting by her mother who again had very little time for her due to her own busy schedule. So most of her physical,emotional,social need was satisfied by her Nanny.Radhika was too young to understand the advantages of double income etc. but what she cud understand is that  her parents are gone all day and she is left alone with some one else.

Children generally learn responsibilities and consequences of their actions with parental assistance but in lack of parental assistance their emotional needs remain unsatisfied resulting in behavioural disorder.Radhika was one such case. Her parents failed to understand that every child needs empathy, validation of their worth, social interaction and if these needs are not satisfied the feelings of insecurity, low self esteem builds. To counter these feelings children tend to spend large proportion of their time creating situations in which thy are centre of attraction .Radhika was too young to analyse that her behavioural tantrums are a part of her unsatisfied self esteem. So I called her parents to school to meet me.I explained  them, the importance of meaningful time together with child which includes bath, bedtime and meals, the importance of emotional bond with child . .

But as my opines culminated their was a moment of awkward silence. “So you mean working parents children may suffer from attention seeking behaviour  said her father. “NO” I replied aptly. “Every child is different in his or her own way we just need to understand their individual differences”.  I tried convincing her mother to mitigate for her absence but my concurs were all in vain. Her parents were not willing to accept the fact that Radhika needed more of their attention. Finally the buck was put on to  Nanny who was now considered as incompetent to raise Radhika ..

 The mobile phone was still buzzing as I picked up the call 

“Good afternoon Mam I’m Radhika’s mother. We are sending Radhika to America with her grand parents for her treatment .The best psychiatrist and counsellors will treat her there, we want the best treatment for her ,she added cheerfully .We will also visit her occasionally.  Bye” .

Ummmmm….. Tears rolled over my cheeks as with a heavy sigh  I murmured to myself  “we will also visit her occasionally”. I peeped out of the window and saw a calf  lovingly being caressed by the cow who was feeding the calf ….”Probably the calf is  more lucky than Radhika ” I said to myself as I sat down to have my cup of coffee.

In this world of Rabbit careerism the best inheritance a person can give to his children is a few minutes of his time each day !!!!!!!!!…



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  9. god bless you. i will share this with my daughter also.

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